Transfer and Postpone

Transfer Conditions

Transferring students from public universities and other private higher education institutions to this university:

1. Submission of application (completion of transferring form)
2. Transferring is possible only in the same field, class and semester.
3. 3. Obtaining the consent of both universities (after completing the form, the consent of the university where the student is studying must be obtained first, and then the consent of the university where he/she will transfer).
4. The Transfer time is possible only in the days determined by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Transferring students from foreign universities to this university:

1. The desired university abroad should have an academic reputation.
2. 2. The student should officially and legally submit valid academic documents and approvals with his/her transcripts from the university abroad through the relevant authorities.
3. The relevant field must be available in a domestic university.
4. The student has not been expelled for violating discipline or committing an illegal act.
5. The student must not fail in the desired academic year.

Conditions for Postponement and Cancellation

1. Postponement request is only possible up to 20 days after the start of the lessons.
2. Students who are currently studying can get an academic deferment for one year only. This postponement is not counted in the failure and study period.
3. Postponement is not allowed for students who are facing deprivation due to absence, or who have failed the semester, according to the laws and regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education.
4. Students who have a request to cancel the postponement must apply within 15 days after the official start of the semester, in order to cancel the postponement and enroll in their classes

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