Students Affairs Vice Chancellor Message

Alhaj Mohammad Nasim Bassam

The Vice-Chancellor of Students Affairs is one of the most important and key departments in the organizational structure of this university, which has the most relations with the students and is responsible for the affairs of the students, such as holding the Kankor exam, enrollment, holding exams, and recording grades in each semester, issues related to graduates up to the issuance of certificates and diplomas of graduates.

In the first step, the Vice-Chancellor of Students Affairs expects that dear students and graduates should prioritize service to the country and society and contribute to the development of society by using any kind of legitimate facilities.

And secondly, we expect dear students to cooperate with the Vice-Chancellor of Students Affairs in solving all kinds of problems and deficiencies so that the affairs of students can proceed without any problems.

Recently, I am asking the Almighty Allah for their success in the field of education, science and knowledge and service to the country.

Alhaj Mohammad Nasim Bassam

Vice-Chancellor of Students Affairs

Alhaji Mohammad Nasim Bassam
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