Bachelor of Journalism

General Information

The media has been called an integral part of life in today's world, and according to some, the power of the media is equal to the power of the atomic bomb, and politicians consider it the fourth pillar in popular systems. Therefore, the work of the media in a country like Afghanistan, which is immensely involved in domestic and international issues, is a vital and valuable work.

Journalism program of Dawat University is different from other academic and educational institutions. Because the purpose of teaching this field in a specialized way is not to give information to students; In addition to that, he is trying to offer a good media critic and researcher to the scientific community of Afghanistan.

Bachelor of Journalism was a part of two programs that started their scientific activities in 2010.

This program is intended for the male class, which has completed 7 graduation rounds so far (280 students) and has the following two fields:

1. Radio and Television: 180 Credits
2. Press: 180 Credits

The dean of this faculty is under the responsibility of Mr. Najibullah "Nasir" and its teaching management is under the responsibility of Mr. Sayed Farooq "Hashemi".


Improving the quality of education according to standard requirements, providing research fields related to media affairs, developing scientific research needed by the country and active participation in services to journalists of national institutions at the country level.


  • Developing the knowledge level of journalists through teaching, research and scientific work.
  • Developing and improving matters related to journalism and playing a leadership role in the production departments of the media.
  • Providing qualified journalists (with knowledge, skills, behavior and professional abilities) to provide services at the country level.
  • Development of journalists and media institutions through the provision of standard media services.


The curriculum of this program based on the credit system is as follows:

- Radio and Television Department


- Press Department


Fee Information

Dawat University is proud to provide the best and most comprehensive academic services at a high level to its students by receiving the lowest tuition fees among the universities and higher education institutions of the country.

Newly enrolled students are required to pay their fees in the financial department within one week after the entrance exam results are announced. The fee payment time is at the beginning of the semester and it is received based on the current currency of the country (Afghani).

# Subject Main Fee Discount Fee after Discount
1 Kankor Registration 200 0 200
2 University entrance fee (only once) 2,000 0 2,000
3 Tuition fee (per semester) 17,000 7,000 10,000
4 Monograph (only once) 4,000 0 4,000
5 Certificate (only once) 500 0 500
Total Cost: 142,700 56,000 86,700

Note: The discount on the semester fee is for one study period.


The required books of the Faculty of Journalism were purchased and stored from publishing sources and bookstores according to the needs of the departments of this university, and they are listed according to the topics and titles, and they are at the service of the students for further use.

This library is equipped with books, magazines, daily news and other scientific topics, which is open to students and professors from 8:00 AM to 7:30 PM.

# Language of Books Number of Books
1 Pashto 20
2 Arabic 5
3 Dari 4
4 English 2
Total: 31

Contact Information of Administrative and Academic staff

# Full Name Position Phone Number Email
1 Najibullah Nasir Dean of Faculty 0786918888
2 Sayed Farooq Hashemi Teaching Manager 0786998982
3 Sayed Abid Hashemi Professor 0748602142
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