Academic Vice Chancellor Message

Dr. Enayatullah Khalil Hadaf

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the most honorable of the prophets and messengers, our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions.

We are grateful to God that we are in the service of educating the young generation of our country through the scientific institution of Dawat University. Dawat University is one of the national and proud foundations of higher education in our dear country of Afghanistan. This scientific and educational institution, with a history of three decades of service in two crucial periods, has offered thousands of young people in the country, both male and female, to academics in various fields of social and natural sciences.

Dawat University currently provides scientific and educational services at the bachelor level with seven faculties (Sharia, Law and Political Science, Economics, Journalism, Engineering, Curative Medicine, and Pharmacy) with elite and professional professors, specialized and advanced curriculum using methods, and new tools of theoretical and practical training continue. Also, the university's postgraduate studies in two programs (Jurisprudence and Law, and International Relations) are conducted by expert and professional professors with doctoral degrees from international universities. Both postgraduate programs of Dawat University have so far offered about seven hundred master's degree graduates, including brothers and sisters, to society.

In the new stage of its educational system, Dawat University attaches special importance and priority to scientific research activities in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country's higher education. In this regard, the sixth issue of the quarterly (Scientific-Research Journal of Dawat) has been printed in the framework of the university's research center. Articles and scientific research of professors and students with scientific and writing abilities are published on the pages of the magazine.

Quality assurance activities in order to standardize scientific, educational, cultural, and sports programs, as well as administrative and service optimization within the framework of relevant bodies and committees, are vigorously pursued by professors and university student associations.

Dawat University has a suitable environment and a green area, a large library with books and required resources, equipped laboratories, a computer lab, a building and a separate green area for the female department, which is at the service of the youth of our dear country. We request from Allah's court that all those involved in the academic Dawat University will be successful in realizing the vision, educational goals, and scientific and Da'wa values.

Dr. Enayatullah Khalil Hadaf

Academic Vice Chancellor of Dawat University

Dr. Enayatullah Khalil Hadaf
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